Brittle Box


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Contains: Five (5) 5 oz. packages of Hoot-n-Annie Pecan Company Butter Pecan Brittle in assorted flavors.

All Hoot-n-Annie Pecan Company products are proudly made in Texas and are GO TEXAN certified.

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Our Brittle Box is a perfectly-giftable package that features our entire collection of gourmet Butter Pecan Brittle! The Brittle Box contains five packages of the following crisp, light, Butter Pecan Brittle flavors:

  • Original Butter Pecan Brittle
  • Pumpkin Spice Butter Pecan Brittle
  • Green Chile Butter Pecan Brittle
  • Firebawl Butter Pecan Brittle
  • SEASONAL PICK: Peppermint Butter Pecan Brittle

Securely packed and wrapped in a full-color sleeve, our Brittle Box is the perfect way to sample our pecan brittle collection and is ready to ship anywhere in the United States.